Featured Stories of Change

Embracing the New with the Old


Since the economics to develop land for Padkai where the gradient was steep was not feasible for locals, a limited amount of land was been utilized under this traditional practice and provided rice that would last a household for a … Continued

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Ecological farming: Savita shows the way

Savita shows the way

Wardha District falls under Vidarbha region, infamously known as farmer’s suicide zone. The region’s agriculture land has become highly unproductive and saline due to excessive usage of pesticides and fertilizers by farmers.

Coupled with above crisis, a weather variation has also added to farmer’s woes. The project agro-ecological approach to adapt climate change is working with small holders farmers in long run and tries to help them to adopt climate change and mitigate … Continued

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Securing Food for an Uncertain Tomorrow


Where money is not enough, she steps out to contribute her share but remains a voice that is marginalized. However, the story unfolds a bit differently in certain villages of Madhya Pradesh where women are taking the initiative to cultivate the land after being introduced and sensitized with modern methods of agriculture. From being mere farmhands they are now harbingers of change.

For Kamleshwari it was a gamble to experiment with SRI (System of Rice Intensification) on 2 acres of land, since the family and generations before have always practiced traditional methods of farming. Initially it was an uphill task to make … Continued

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Envisioning Prosperity from Parched Fields: Vidarbha Region

Training on composting

In a moment of exasperation an entire community in Vidarbha decided to sell off their village and migrate to the city in search for wage employment. All they could see around them were parched fields that had drained their last vestige of hope.

Located in a rain-shadow region of the Deccan Plateau, the Vidarbha region is characterised by low rainfall and a degraded environment that is prone to droughts. Of the total arable land, 78% is cultivated under rain-fed conditions. To break this … Continued

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Conserving the Future


The Baiga tribe of Pondi village has come a long way. Today with timely interventions all the 183 children from this tribe go to school.

They have shed their title of being ignorant forest gatherers and today have become empowered to protect their territory by forming committees and continue to learn new management practices. In the past forest fires led to entire sections of the … Continued

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